mandag den 2. juni 2014

"Jungle Days" book cover illustration

"Jungledage", or "Jungle Days" is a book written by Knirke Egede. I illustrated the cover. Niels Madsen made the cover text and layout that you see on the photos.The front cover was inspired by a photo that Knirke took on her adventurous journey in Costa Rica's jungle.

fredag den 21. februar 2014

tirsdag den 7. januar 2014

mandag den 6. januar 2014

onsdag den 18. december 2013

New speed paintings!

Hare is my latest batch of 30 min. speed paintings. :)

lørdag den 14. december 2013

Sci-fi helmet new iteration.

And here is a new iteration of the painting..

torsdag den 12. december 2013

Sci-fi Helmet WIP

I have something new going on.
This sci-fi painting is a work in progress.. Very fun to work on. :)

mandag den 18. november 2013

Roberto Challenge Paintings

The last couple of weeks I've participated in the Roberto Challenge where you make 30 minutes speed paintings under a daily topic.
 (some of mine are 5-10 minutes over time though, because I'm having too much fun. ^^)
Here are some of my latest..

onsdag den 6. november 2013

onsdag den 30. oktober 2013

speed painting again

Painting for todays Roberto Challenge.

-Cannibal Territory-

lørdag den 26. oktober 2013

Live sculpting

Earlier this week I taught a bunch of gymnasium (high school) students about the CG-Artist education at The Animation Workshop.

I gave them an assignment to create a character design on the theme, Scarecrow.
They were super enthusiastic and drew for about 90mins.
Meanwhile, when I wasn't helping out, I did a live sculpt in front of the class i ZBrush to show them some 3D workflow.

The sculpt was based on a design by the amazing Creature Box (c).

onsdag den 16. oktober 2013

Jazon and the Dead model renders, Keyshot 4

 I have been playing around with Keyshot 4 today! Really awesome piece of software if you want to render something quickly.
I played around with a ton of shaders. Here are some stills!
The models are from a game that I am working on called Jazon and the Dead.

søndag den 13. oktober 2013

torsdag den 3. oktober 2013

Sketching at Games Business Conference

So the other day I was at Games Business #gbiz13 and I sketched around a little..

Yet Another Portrait

Here's another one. :)
There are still some proportional flaws in this one, but I think that I'll keep doing more of these because I feel some kind of improvement.

torsdag den 19. september 2013

søndag den 15. september 2013

Angelina Jolie Study

Here a short study of famous actor Angelina Jolie.
About 1h 30m. in Photoshop. from reference.