søndag den 22. november 2009

This week and the last week we worked on our 3D characters with uv's and everything.

mandag den 9. november 2009

Finaly! Here is the final version of my concept for the project :)

søndag den 8. november 2009

Week 45. This week we were tought 3Denvironment and layout by Anna Kubik.
This week was more relaxing than the last two weeks. The layout process is really fast. We only had to block things out, place them in the right spot, take care of sizerelations, camera angle and camera lens.
While working on our own projects we also got other assignments like, storyboarding in 3D and set construction.

søndag den 1. november 2009

Concept design

This week we learned concept design with Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham.
This was probably the hardest week up until now. I would have been a lot better if this course was a two week thing. But anyway, I learned a lot and the result was great, and we realy got to use the tricks we learned with lawrence last week.
This week was the beginning of a seven-week project where we in the end have to make a final rendered 3D-image with a character and an indoor invironment. The style guide for this project is a bit complicated i think. The style for the character should be a bit like these vinyl-figure toy where everything is very simple and within the basic silhouette like this: http://dopefeast.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/gama-go-yeti.jpg
And the topic is circus freak, so it has to relate to that.
We had to do all sorts of hand-ins in the process and it was really hard, but also very nice.

My first design for the character looked like this.

 But the look didn't feel right to the character and his story.

So then he came to look like this.

But then Kevin told me to make it alot more simple.
and so, my final design came to look like this :D

And for the invironment i came up with this thumbnail

And later this linework

Design with Lawrence

This week we had to learn the first three of "the seven elements of design". It was all about design and composition, and Lawrence really knows his "shit" when it comes to composition in an image.
It was a hard week. Everybody tryed really hard to understand this whole new way of thinking, and i came to think why I haven't learned this stuff before.
Anyway.. The first assignment was to draw 3 rectangles and a line.. well this sounds really easy, but the line had to go from one edge of the paper to another and it had to be 90 degrees. The boxes should also be 90 degrees. Here comes the hard part; none of the lines should be the same length, and none of the space (both negative and positive) should have equal distances. Turns out the assignment was imposible, we just had to make it the least crappy as posible.
The following day we tasted some strwberry ice. The assignment was to draw the feeling of strawberry ice (abstract) but only with lines, and only black and white.

The next assignment was to draw champaign, but now only with shapes.

the next assignment was to draw some good old jazz musik, but this time we cold use both lines, shapes and values (graytones).

Friday we had 90 minutes to draw hell, with the same rules as the jazz thing. Turns out I worked best under preasure.


The first week with Oliver we had to rig a vehicle, to just learn the basic machanics of rigging.
The second week we had to rig a character, and to make it easy for myself I rigged the character i made in the second week with Karla.

Introduction to Maya

In these two weeks we had Karla (a very goog modeller and rigger) as teacher.
She learned us the basics of the 3D application, Maya.
Eaven though I had some experience with Maya before I came to the school, I learned a few basic tricks in these weeks. The first assignment was too make an invironment in 3D and have it rendered. The assignment for the following week was to make an invironment and a character. In this week we were in groups (2n2). For this assignment I made the character while Karen made the invironment and the lighting.

Exquisit corpse

After we had Sunit, we were introduced to Julia.
Julia is very original in her way of thinking, and she tryed very hard to teach us original ways to work with character design. In the middle of the week we made som small silhouette films.


One of the days we had to hand in 15 character designs, and in the end of the week she gave us a bunch of tools and a big block of clay, so we could make our designs in 3D.

Introduction to CG

The first two weeks at the animation workshop we had a teacher, (Sunit Parekh) who worked on films like Matrix and Hellboy.
He showed us some cool stuff and supervised us on a project.
During the project we were devided into 4-5 person groups, and we had no teaching in the software.
this is what my group came up with.
(please click the window an ekstra time to open it in youtube, so you can see the whole frame)