søndag den 1. november 2009

Design with Lawrence

This week we had to learn the first three of "the seven elements of design". It was all about design and composition, and Lawrence really knows his "shit" when it comes to composition in an image.
It was a hard week. Everybody tryed really hard to understand this whole new way of thinking, and i came to think why I haven't learned this stuff before.
Anyway.. The first assignment was to draw 3 rectangles and a line.. well this sounds really easy, but the line had to go from one edge of the paper to another and it had to be 90 degrees. The boxes should also be 90 degrees. Here comes the hard part; none of the lines should be the same length, and none of the space (both negative and positive) should have equal distances. Turns out the assignment was imposible, we just had to make it the least crappy as posible.
The following day we tasted some strwberry ice. The assignment was to draw the feeling of strawberry ice (abstract) but only with lines, and only black and white.

The next assignment was to draw champaign, but now only with shapes.

the next assignment was to draw some good old jazz musik, but this time we cold use both lines, shapes and values (graytones).

Friday we had 90 minutes to draw hell, with the same rules as the jazz thing. Turns out I worked best under preasure.

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