tirsdag den 22. december 2009

"old photo kinda' look"

Kinda' like the effect..
Finally I'm done!

With ambient occlusion, depth of field, filters and colour grading
(click big please) ;)

 Over all I'm pretty satisfied with the result. I know it's not like Pixar quality. But it's okay. :-)

Okay I didn't solve the circus freak theme that we had to have in our images. On that point I failed (big time) But I did however think that I solved the vinyl-toy-style-guide for the character.

Once upon a time there was a turtle called Herman, whom lived with a poor family, in a poor neighbourhood of London. He lived in a small terrarium in the familys living room.
One day he ate some green liquid stuff, that dripped down from the sealing.
After that day he seemed to grow bigger and bigger very fast. He grew so big that he couldn't live in the terrarium anymore. The poor family had very little space, and only three beds, so they had to throw him out (even though I don't think a turtle needs a bed... huh..). He wandered around the snowy streets for days. It was cold, very cold.
luckily he was found by an old man. The old man had an antique shop on bakerstreet, where he took the turtle to. Herman got he's own corner in the shop, where he would sit and read loud for the children that came into the shop with their parents.
The shop became very attractive, because of the "big human turtle", and people came from everywhere to hear Herman read. After a year or two the turtle became yesterdays news, and the customers becamer fewer and fewer.
Now he is forced by loneliness to read for his imaginary friends, made of random products from the store.

onsdag den 9. december 2009

turnaround..... again

Our teacher made a beautiful render/comp of my turnaround today.
here it is

Model: Nikki Starostka
Light render and comp: Anna Kubik

mandag den 7. december 2009

So now I have worked out some lighting. And i'm almost happy with it.
I also changed the composition a bit.

tirsdag den 1. december 2009

This last week with André, we worked on modelling our sets and posing the characters. Not to mention uv mapping.
This is what I've got ;)