lørdag den 18. december 2010

matchmoving with Leigh Russel

I tracked a little shot I made at home and put in some really bad animation.

practice matchmoving from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

And here is a shot with some really bad keying (since I didn't have a greenscreen, and the alternative wasn't that effective)

practice matchmoving from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

lørdag den 11. december 2010

Jules ét Jim - The Trailer

Finally the project is over. Here is the result. :)
feel free to give a comment of you like it or dislike it. Anyway.. we used around three months on this project.

Jules ét Jim from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

lørdag den 20. november 2010

torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

Final designs

Concept art/character design

After analysing the film, we decided (for many reasons) to make the characters insects. But to make it easy for the animators we then decided to make the insects biped.

 At first we all came up with some sketches and ideas, and then it took it from there, and melted it all together and tryed to make everything pleasing and eastetic.
We had style quides for colour, texture and form/shape. We also made styleguides and referencefor each character.


some of the first sketches:


The first two weeks of this project is only preproduction, which means that we had to make an animatic and design all the concepts.
I mainly had responsibility for the design, as we decided that I would be the Technical Art-Director. So while I was designing, Martin and Fie took care of the animatic, although I was pretty involved in the process too and vice-versa.
Here is the animatic:
As you can see we decided to put some weight on the dramatic parts of the story and give it a more action-packed feel.
Trailer Project animatic from Anne-Sofie Tholander on Vimeo.

Trailer Project (begining of semester 3)

Throughout the whole third semester we are only going to be dealing with one project, concerning a 30 second trailer. The assignment is to, (in groups of three) re-artdirect a chosen movie and make a 30 second 3D-animated trailer for it. Later in the project we are also going to join up with three animators from the 2nd year of bachelor in animation.
My group is CGA: Anne-Sofie Tholander, Martin Hjelholt Brun Pedersen and Me CA(animators): Stine Frandsen, Kenneth Ladekjær, Benny Søhave.
And our movie is Francois Truffaut's Jules ét Jim.

fredag den 27. august 2010

mr. squid

 since I've had a long vacation now, I felt that I had to do some actual work for once.. So I've just got the new ZBrush 4, and I wanted to try Zsketching since I've never tried it before.
So here's what I got after less than two hours of sketching and texture painting.
I hink the result would have been better if I modeled the base-mesh in maya. But this way is waaay faster and more intuitive.
I think/hope my next project with Zsketching will be more interesting than this. :)

søndag den 8. august 2010

new camera

Just recieved my new DSLR, and here is a shot with colour correction.

Branches CamTest from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

mandag den 24. maj 2010

photoshop mess..

Played around with soe brushes in photoshop, and decided to post the mess.

onsdag den 12. maj 2010

Quick sketch

felt like throwing out a little sketch/concept.

fredag den 30. april 2010

Presentation, with Anna Kubik

The week of presentation was very stressing for me, because the normal and displacement maps i extracted from mudboxwas full of errors. So if I used 5 hours on sculpting the face, I spend 10 on fixing the maps.
Adam recommented the program, Cyslice which I now really hope the school will invest in.
But in the end I managed to make the presentation in time, and I am pretty satisfyed with it.

Design and modelling: The Vampirate - Nikki Starostka from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

Design and modelling reel from a 5 weeks (+one week making the reel) project. Throughout the project I was beeing tought by Craig Kellman (character designer), Damon Bard (sculpter), Adam Dewhirst (modeller), Anna Kubik (Layout artist)

Modeling And Digital sculpting with Adam Dewhirst

These 3 weeks were really great. Adam is such a nice guy, and really skilled. He has worked on films like The Dark Knight, The Golden Compass and games like Battlefield.
I think I ended up with a very nice and clean mesh with a fairly low amount of polygons, And I'm really happy that I moved closer to the original concept again.
Here are some WIP renders from mudbox. You can see the full turnaround in the "presentation post".

Sculpting week, with Damon Bard

Damon has an awesome CV, including Kung Fu Panda and Coraline. He learned me a great deal about  posing and flow. Sculpting for film is a tricky business, but i find it very facinating, and it is really satisfying to end op with a physical product that you can actually feel. I really like working with the clay, it is much more stimulating than working on the computer.
After this week I could easily see myself as a sculpter within a few years.

Here are some pix of my sculpt. I am very happy about the pose, But I am not so happy about how it moved a bit away from the concept concerning the upper body. I think that i worryed too much about anatomy in the torso. But I can fix those things. After all, the sculpt isn't finished and polished yet.

Charcter Design, with Craig Kellman

This week was the start of a six week project, about character design and modelling. Craig (lead character designer on Madagascar 1, 2, 3 and Monsters vs. aliens) is an awesome guy with loads and loads of humour, and it was really great to have him. He tought us a lot of stuff about generic character designs, and specific character designs. The course was mostly about getting personality into a character, so that the design doesn't become an icon rather than a real character. But we also learned stuff about how to make clear silhouettes and how to make the design readable.
Here is my character

lørdag den 17. april 2010

Quick sketch

I got my new Cintiq the other day, so here is the first litle sketch I made with it.

tirsdag den 16. marts 2010

Light and render, timelapse project with Oliver Kirchhoff.

The timelapse is done. It took a long time to render and I am not fully satisfied with it. I would have liked to put some animation in it, but time ran out.

mandag den 15. marts 2010

A little design I made in  the weekend

tirsdag den 2. marts 2010

a little something

A little design I made while installing Maya 2010. I've desided to sculpt a maquette in clay, and this might be the design I wanna go with.

fredag den 26. februar 2010

Light and render: Time Lapse, week 1.

So this is the first week of a three week project, which will end out in a 5-10 seconds 3D timelapse.
Oliver came back to teach us during this project. He tought us about all kinds of indirect lighting and raytacing, and even though I already knew alot about this, it was nice to get it refreshed.
In this first week of the project we were supposed to make a render of an interior scene with sun light and different materials in mentalRay. We were allowed to take use of preproduced 3D models, but I chose to model all the stuff myself.

So this is what I got. The cityscape in the background is (c) Mirrors Edge, EA.
I chose to go futuristic.

fredag den 12. februar 2010

Film Jam - "The Outsider"

Here you see the result of this week.

The Outsider - Film Jam from Magnus elvstrøm Myrälf on Vimeo.

This week we were visited by 6  amazing directors, Tod Polson, Amy Winfrey, Pritt Tender, Max Hattler, Alexei Alexeev and Jamie Caliri. We had to choose which director to work with and I chose Tod Polson.
I worked together with both first years and second year, animators and CG artists. Tod came up with the idea of showing the life of a claustrophobic guy. And from there we had to come up with the storybeats and make a film in 5 days.
We had four animators and four CGA's on the project, but two of the animators didn't know the programs we used for animating. So after we finished the storyboard, their main focus was to supervise us and make shure that everything got done.
I was in the design team, so I helped developing the style. I thought that the projects main inspiration should come from something between old UPA stuff, and Samurai Jack (which has aaaawesome designs). After the storyboard was finished I started making layouts for some of the scenes.
Once the layouts were done and handed over to the animators, I began making colourschemes and thumbnails for the different scenes.

 (above: the colourschemes I did)
Together with Ole I developed a graphic chart showing how the colours should work throughout the different storybeats. The purpose of the chart was that it should guides us making settings that would fit together and make the story mor interesting and exciting where it had to be. Example: We had to make sure that the scene with the atomic explosion had more contrast than the scene with the school bus.
And then the painting work began.
The last day I spend compositing the last scene in After Effects.
In the end it all came together. Everyone did a fantastic job on this film, and I think we worked great together.

 (above:some of the backgrounds I painted)
Tod's help was so good, we couldn't have done it without him. Everytime the man opens his mouth, ideas just come streaming out.

mandag den 8. februar 2010

It's been some time sinece I last blogged. But in the meantime I've had a week of layout with Uri Kranot and a week with storyboard, with Tod Polson as the teacher.
It has been great and I think I leaned a bit more about the art of storytelling.

this is a layout I did. The assignment was to make a layout of a mastershot in the Bonnie and Clyde scenario (not the actual film).

"From a layout for a Batman episode". We got a part of a storyboard from a real batman tv-episode handed out, from which we had to make a layout. This is missing all the cameramovements and characters I drew on it though.

And this is a popsicle animatic Dennis and I made over a day.
reeealy sketchy.

And I also made this in layout class.

And then a little raw storyboard for a story called "The Hound".
And finaly, a little sketch that didn't turn into a storyboard.

søndag den 31. januar 2010

This weekend I made a 3D visualization for Björklund Design. The project was a minimalistic cider can, which Jan Inge Björklund designed.

søndag den 24. januar 2010


After a week with architecture (where from I don't have any interesting artwork to show) we had colour lectures with Lawrence Marvit once again. We used acrylics the whole week, which gave a much better understanding of how colour works. I don't wanna get into detail about all the stuff we were presented. But I can say that we learned a lot about lighting and gradients. We also spent a whole day making thumbnails.

Here's a thumbnail

Here's the image I worked out of the thumbnail