søndag den 10. januar 2010

Design #2 with Lawrence Marvit

This week was a bit exhausting, because of the homework we had to do. But I also learned a lot this week. We were tought in values, space, volume and rendering this week. Lawrence is a great great teacher. I can't agree on all of the stuff he is saying, but most of the time he is right, and the guy really understand how to pace his students. Here are some examples of what I did the last 2-3 days of the week.

This first topic was, giant attacks ancient Rome.
It didn't go so well at the presentation. Values and contrast was "fucked up".
"Junkyard romance". I sat with this from 22:30 to 05:00.. so tough night.
This didn't end so well at the presentation either.
The great things about morning presentations with Lawrence is that you always end up knowing what to improve and what you could have done better.

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