fredag den 12. februar 2010

Film Jam - "The Outsider"

Here you see the result of this week.

The Outsider - Film Jam from Magnus elvstrøm Myrälf on Vimeo.

This week we were visited by 6  amazing directors, Tod Polson, Amy Winfrey, Pritt Tender, Max Hattler, Alexei Alexeev and Jamie Caliri. We had to choose which director to work with and I chose Tod Polson.
I worked together with both first years and second year, animators and CG artists. Tod came up with the idea of showing the life of a claustrophobic guy. And from there we had to come up with the storybeats and make a film in 5 days.
We had four animators and four CGA's on the project, but two of the animators didn't know the programs we used for animating. So after we finished the storyboard, their main focus was to supervise us and make shure that everything got done.
I was in the design team, so I helped developing the style. I thought that the projects main inspiration should come from something between old UPA stuff, and Samurai Jack (which has aaaawesome designs). After the storyboard was finished I started making layouts for some of the scenes.
Once the layouts were done and handed over to the animators, I began making colourschemes and thumbnails for the different scenes.

 (above: the colourschemes I did)
Together with Ole I developed a graphic chart showing how the colours should work throughout the different storybeats. The purpose of the chart was that it should guides us making settings that would fit together and make the story mor interesting and exciting where it had to be. Example: We had to make sure that the scene with the atomic explosion had more contrast than the scene with the school bus.
And then the painting work began.
The last day I spend compositing the last scene in After Effects.
In the end it all came together. Everyone did a fantastic job on this film, and I think we worked great together.

 (above:some of the backgrounds I painted)
Tod's help was so good, we couldn't have done it without him. Everytime the man opens his mouth, ideas just come streaming out.

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