mandag den 8. februar 2010

It's been some time sinece I last blogged. But in the meantime I've had a week of layout with Uri Kranot and a week with storyboard, with Tod Polson as the teacher.
It has been great and I think I leaned a bit more about the art of storytelling.

this is a layout I did. The assignment was to make a layout of a mastershot in the Bonnie and Clyde scenario (not the actual film).

"From a layout for a Batman episode". We got a part of a storyboard from a real batman tv-episode handed out, from which we had to make a layout. This is missing all the cameramovements and characters I drew on it though.

And this is a popsicle animatic Dennis and I made over a day.
reeealy sketchy.

And I also made this in layout class.

And then a little raw storyboard for a story called "The Hound".
And finaly, a little sketch that didn't turn into a storyboard.

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