fredag den 26. februar 2010

Light and render: Time Lapse, week 1.

So this is the first week of a three week project, which will end out in a 5-10 seconds 3D timelapse.
Oliver came back to teach us during this project. He tought us about all kinds of indirect lighting and raytacing, and even though I already knew alot about this, it was nice to get it refreshed.
In this first week of the project we were supposed to make a render of an interior scene with sun light and different materials in mentalRay. We were allowed to take use of preproduced 3D models, but I chose to model all the stuff myself.

So this is what I got. The cityscape in the background is (c) Mirrors Edge, EA.
I chose to go futuristic.

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  1. Wow Nikki i just went trough your blog, and there is a lot of cool stuff ;) You are really evolving.