fredag den 30. april 2010

Presentation, with Anna Kubik

The week of presentation was very stressing for me, because the normal and displacement maps i extracted from mudboxwas full of errors. So if I used 5 hours on sculpting the face, I spend 10 on fixing the maps.
Adam recommented the program, Cyslice which I now really hope the school will invest in.
But in the end I managed to make the presentation in time, and I am pretty satisfyed with it.

Design and modelling: The Vampirate - Nikki Starostka from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

Design and modelling reel from a 5 weeks (+one week making the reel) project. Throughout the project I was beeing tought by Craig Kellman (character designer), Damon Bard (sculpter), Adam Dewhirst (modeller), Anna Kubik (Layout artist)

Modeling And Digital sculpting with Adam Dewhirst

These 3 weeks were really great. Adam is such a nice guy, and really skilled. He has worked on films like The Dark Knight, The Golden Compass and games like Battlefield.
I think I ended up with a very nice and clean mesh with a fairly low amount of polygons, And I'm really happy that I moved closer to the original concept again.
Here are some WIP renders from mudbox. You can see the full turnaround in the "presentation post".

Sculpting week, with Damon Bard

Damon has an awesome CV, including Kung Fu Panda and Coraline. He learned me a great deal about  posing and flow. Sculpting for film is a tricky business, but i find it very facinating, and it is really satisfying to end op with a physical product that you can actually feel. I really like working with the clay, it is much more stimulating than working on the computer.
After this week I could easily see myself as a sculpter within a few years.

Here are some pix of my sculpt. I am very happy about the pose, But I am not so happy about how it moved a bit away from the concept concerning the upper body. I think that i worryed too much about anatomy in the torso. But I can fix those things. After all, the sculpt isn't finished and polished yet.

Charcter Design, with Craig Kellman

This week was the start of a six week project, about character design and modelling. Craig (lead character designer on Madagascar 1, 2, 3 and Monsters vs. aliens) is an awesome guy with loads and loads of humour, and it was really great to have him. He tought us a lot of stuff about generic character designs, and specific character designs. The course was mostly about getting personality into a character, so that the design doesn't become an icon rather than a real character. But we also learned stuff about how to make clear silhouettes and how to make the design readable.
Here is my character

lørdag den 17. april 2010

Quick sketch

I got my new Cintiq the other day, so here is the first litle sketch I made with it.