fredag den 30. april 2010

Presentation, with Anna Kubik

The week of presentation was very stressing for me, because the normal and displacement maps i extracted from mudboxwas full of errors. So if I used 5 hours on sculpting the face, I spend 10 on fixing the maps.
Adam recommented the program, Cyslice which I now really hope the school will invest in.
But in the end I managed to make the presentation in time, and I am pretty satisfyed with it.

Design and modelling: The Vampirate - Nikki Starostka from Nikki Starostka on Vimeo.

Design and modelling reel from a 5 weeks (+one week making the reel) project. Throughout the project I was beeing tought by Craig Kellman (character designer), Damon Bard (sculpter), Adam Dewhirst (modeller), Anna Kubik (Layout artist)

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