torsdag den 7. oktober 2010

Final designs

Concept art/character design

After analysing the film, we decided (for many reasons) to make the characters insects. But to make it easy for the animators we then decided to make the insects biped.

 At first we all came up with some sketches and ideas, and then it took it from there, and melted it all together and tryed to make everything pleasing and eastetic.
We had style quides for colour, texture and form/shape. We also made styleguides and referencefor each character.


some of the first sketches:


The first two weeks of this project is only preproduction, which means that we had to make an animatic and design all the concepts.
I mainly had responsibility for the design, as we decided that I would be the Technical Art-Director. So while I was designing, Martin and Fie took care of the animatic, although I was pretty involved in the process too and vice-versa.
Here is the animatic:
As you can see we decided to put some weight on the dramatic parts of the story and give it a more action-packed feel.
Trailer Project animatic from Anne-Sofie Tholander on Vimeo.

Trailer Project (begining of semester 3)

Throughout the whole third semester we are only going to be dealing with one project, concerning a 30 second trailer. The assignment is to, (in groups of three) re-artdirect a chosen movie and make a 30 second 3D-animated trailer for it. Later in the project we are also going to join up with three animators from the 2nd year of bachelor in animation.
My group is CGA: Anne-Sofie Tholander, Martin Hjelholt Brun Pedersen and Me CA(animators): Stine Frandsen, Kenneth Ladekjær, Benny Søhave.
And our movie is Francois Truffaut's Jules ét Jim.