lørdag den 29. december 2012

Portrait of A Bearded Man

Happy holidays.

Here is a portrait that I drew in PhotoShop (without any reference. :))

fredag den 21. december 2012

Dude with gun

Now I am back in Denmark, and here is my first sketch since I arrived.
A masculin dude with a minigun. :)

lørdag den 15. december 2012

Journey SP

This Thursday we had a really nice christmas party at BlueByte and yesterday was my last day of my internship. 
On my last day I had some extra time to spare after work, so I made this speed painting. :)
This time I spend a little longer than usual. (around 30-35 min.)

It has been three great months here in Düsseldorf, and tomorrow I'm flying home to Denmark.
I can't wait to see my friends and family again. :)

lørdag den 8. december 2012


Todays Sketch/Speed paint.. The theme was ICE.. which I thought was "cool" because it is also the name of the fast German inter-city trains. ;)
Now I only have one more week here in Germany. Then it's home to Denmark and christmas with my family. yay! :)

torsdag den 6. december 2012

SP China

Todays 20 min. Sketch..
Topic: China

I Made some focal blur in this one, so it works a little better when you view it big. ;)

tirsdag den 4. december 2012

Alien Invasion

Todays speedpainting! spend about 20 minutes on it after work, and then 10 min. again later, changing the composition.

mandag den 3. december 2012

Bear-thingy SP

Just wanted to share todays speed painting. :)
(its a bear-thingy btw)

søndag den 2. december 2012

Times up..

Did a little sketching today.. I'm trying to be a little more loose than I usually am.. The thing is, I've never been really good at the tight stuff ( if you have seen my handwriting you'll know what I mean.). So now I am trying not to fight it and give in to looseness. Turns out it's harder than you would think. :)

onsdag den 7. november 2012

New Study

This time I took an easier approach where the lighting didn't change..
A bit boring subject and composition, but again it is just for learning purposes. :)

søndag den 4. november 2012

Study Time!!

I'm playing with the thought of doing one life study a day..
Lets see how long that lasts.

This is a portion of the view from my window, painted during the magic hour, so I had to be quick about it. :) Amazing to see how quickly light and colors change during this time..

onsdag den 24. oktober 2012

Speed paintings

 At the moment I am working as a graphic artist intern at Ubisoft Blue Byte in Düsseldorf,
and here in the team we have a thing where each of us creates one speed painting a day under a specific topic, and we have 20 min. to do them.
Besides that I try to make paintings for sketch challenges and such in my spare time.

This is a selection of the best ones this month.

 This one evolved from a speed painting. So in the end it's really not a speed paining.
 This was the base for the one above. 10 mins.
 20 mins.
  20 mins.
  20 mins.
  20 mins.
 15 mins.
  20 mins.
  20 mins.
  20 mins.

 30 mins.
 35 mins.

Later on I will probably upload all my speed painings in one combined image.
Look out. ;)

søndag den 14. oktober 2012

Quick Studies of Sarah

Studies of Sarah I did while watching her draw via webcam. :)

mandag den 24. september 2012

Out of the Ordinary and more

 Hi everyone out there. It has been a looong time since i last posted something.So I though it was time now for a little update/recap..

We finished our bachelor film  "Out of the Ordinary" the 15th of June. So a lot time has passed since, and I have been busy relaxing and illustrating children books (maybe you will see some of it later ;) ).

Now I'm in Düsseldorf interning as Graphic artist at Ubisoft Blue Byte, which is fun and very interesting.
So i figured, new city, new times, new blog update.
Here is some of the early artwork I made for our film:

First we have the color script I made about a year ago now.

And here is a very early concept painting I made even before we had assembled the team.
I actually believe this was the very first piece I made for the film.

And here is a little prop design for a sea compass.

And here, one of the ten pages of style guide I made.

And here is another one.

And a little logo I created (you will see it in the film).

This was my little selection for this time.. I created a lot more for the movie, but you will have to wait for that.

I will try to post more often.