mandag den 24. september 2012

Out of the Ordinary and more

 Hi everyone out there. It has been a looong time since i last posted something.So I though it was time now for a little update/recap..

We finished our bachelor film  "Out of the Ordinary" the 15th of June. So a lot time has passed since, and I have been busy relaxing and illustrating children books (maybe you will see some of it later ;) ).

Now I'm in Düsseldorf interning as Graphic artist at Ubisoft Blue Byte, which is fun and very interesting.
So i figured, new city, new times, new blog update.
Here is some of the early artwork I made for our film:

First we have the color script I made about a year ago now.

And here is a very early concept painting I made even before we had assembled the team.
I actually believe this was the very first piece I made for the film.

And here is a little prop design for a sea compass.

And here, one of the ten pages of style guide I made.

And here is another one.

And a little logo I created (you will see it in the film).

This was my little selection for this time.. I created a lot more for the movie, but you will have to wait for that.

I will try to post more often.