onsdag den 30. oktober 2013

speed painting again

Painting for todays Roberto Challenge.

-Cannibal Territory-

lørdag den 26. oktober 2013

Live sculpting

Earlier this week I taught a bunch of gymnasium (high school) students about the CG-Artist education at The Animation Workshop.

I gave them an assignment to create a character design on the theme, Scarecrow.
They were super enthusiastic and drew for about 90mins.
Meanwhile, when I wasn't helping out, I did a live sculpt in front of the class i ZBrush to show them some 3D workflow.

The sculpt was based on a design by the amazing Creature Box (c).

onsdag den 16. oktober 2013

Jazon and the Dead model renders, Keyshot 4

 I have been playing around with Keyshot 4 today! Really awesome piece of software if you want to render something quickly.
I played around with a ton of shaders. Here are some stills!
The models are from a game that I am working on called Jazon and the Dead.

søndag den 13. oktober 2013

torsdag den 3. oktober 2013

Sketching at Games Business Conference

So the other day I was at Games Business #gbiz13 and I sketched around a little..

Yet Another Portrait

Here's another one. :)
There are still some proportional flaws in this one, but I think that I'll keep doing more of these because I feel some kind of improvement.